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Clogging in the toilet, sink or shower becomes an unpleasant nightmare.
Hair is one of the common causes of blockages in the pipes.
It may happen to all of us, and in most cases it comes as a surprise so it is best and recommended to be prepared for these cases. 
Releasing a simple blockage with a plumber can cost hundreds of shekels when anyone can solve it very easily. 
The telescopic pole has an extra long and flexible structure that goes into any sewer opening or sink.
Pressing the spring will open a barrel handle that grips dirt very easily and pulls it out.

✔️ Powerful and reliable tool
✔️ Reaches the depth of the pipe easily
✔️ Saves costs of a professional
✔️ Very flexible telescopic pole
✔️ Chemical-free cleaning
✔️ Innovative product
✔️  Very effective
✔️ Easy to use